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           Our Chiropractic center offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders, sports and auto accident injuries. We help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors. And health-conscious Mesa, AZ families choose Dobson Bay Chiropractic. Please explore our information rich website so you can fully understand what makes the experience and results of our chiropractic center superior and unique from any other chiropractic center. When you're ready, call our chiropractic center and find out for yourself why thousands of Mesa residents and your neighbors already have.

          Dobson Bay Chiropractic welcomes patients from across Arizona. We are skilled in all areas of musculoskeletal pain and injury focusing on those who have who experienced auto accidents, neck and/or back pain, headaches and those hard to get rid of migraines. We can help you help you get relief from minor to major musculoskeletal pain, in addition to the conditions listed above. Patients come and receive comprehensive consultations from Dr. Cameron Sembaluk, D.C. to start their treatments. Treatments are individualized to fit the specific needs of the patient. How we are different is that we give each patient a complete treatment protocol. This makes your experience here one of health and vitality. Our goal is to get you feeling whole and healthy. In addition to our treatments we give a personalized care plan focusing on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. We attain our goal when you are happy & healthy. That’s why our patients love coming back to us.

          Conveniently located in Mesa Arizona. Our office is easily accessible from both the US 60 and 101 freeway making it easy for patients to be seen from surrounding communities including, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Phoenix and Queen Creek.

When you're ready, call our chiropractic center and find out for yourself what thousands of Arizona residents and your neighbors already have.


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Chiropractor Mesa AZ | Chiropractic Mesa AZ 
1954 S. Dobson Rd, Suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85202                     Tel: 480-345-2022


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Our Corrective Chiropractic care is designed to help you relieve the pain you are in currently and then to prevent your condition from getting worse or returning. We specialize in care of all patients from infants to elders whether it is acute sport injuries or chronic pain management. 




Providing Superior Health and Balance Through Chiropractic

Does lower back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain interfere with your normal life? It could be a lingering discomfort to life-interfering pain. The nervous system result is the same-decreased energy to your vital organs. What does this signify? It means that your organs are starving to death. What will cure this malady? Corrective chiropractic care by a trained expert who gives a personal approach to your health. Dr. Cameron Sembaluk is an expert in balancing your nervous system to achieve maximum results. What does this mean? Increased energy and decreased stress in your daily life. When an interference occurs your nervous system’s energy decreases. Your body interprets this as pain. Are you experiencing headaches and migraines? This could range from a minor irritation to a life-interfering pain.

          Your nervous system is your pathway to health and longevity. Few people know that the key to a vitality is a free-flowing nervous system. Even fewer doctors know how to keep your nervous system functioning at its highest degree. Here at Dobson Bay Chiropractic in Mesa AZ, Dr. Sembaluk, uses a personal approach to achieve the maximum results for your body. In this age of high-tech, cookie-cutter approaches to health, doesn’t it give you a secure feeling knowing, Dr. Sembaluk as a chiropractor Mesa AZ, has perfected this personalized approach with thousands of patients in the past. Wouldn’t you like to experience ideal health today?

             Nerve energy needs to circulate freely just like the blood in your circulatory system. It’s common medical knowledge that when a block occurs in your circulatory system, problems occur because of lack of oxygen to your vital organs. Your heart being the main organ of your circulatory system needs that free flowing current in your arteries and veins. Nutrient-rich blood is delivered throughout your entire circulatory system, even to the heart itself. Your brain is the headquarters to your entire body, including your nervous system and your heart. When your nervous system is flowing freely, all of your organs are at their peak status. This means your circulation is better, your digestion is better, your stress level is lower and you awake refreshed!

          At Dobson Bay Chiropractic in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Sembaluk lets you experience how you feel at optimal health whether you are 9 or 90. He has successfully treated thousands of patients by keeping his patients' nervous systems circulating freely. Optimal nervous system functioning is important for moms running children to school all the way to business people launching a major deal. Isn’t it time that you treat yourself to what optimal health feels like?

          A freely flowing nervous system is a like a rushing river that supplies millions of plants and animals. Your healthy nervous system supports millions of cells, which in turn support millions of processes throughout your entire body. Your nervous system usually controls this, pain free, so your conscious mind can do move through your daily life with joy, ease and intelligence. Doesn’t chronic pain inhibit the joy and productivity you deserve?

    Dr. Sembaluk specializes in treating chronic and acute back, neck and shoulder pains, headaches and migraines, so your nervous system can operate efficiently and you can be pain free, giving you the ability to live to your fullest potential, both in work and in play.


Dobson Bay Chiropractic | Dr. Cameron Sembaluk
Mesa Chiropractor | Mesa Chiropractic
1954 S. Dobson Rd, Suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85202                     Tel: 480-345-2022


What is the message of chiropractic?

        The non- medical healing art, chiropractic, has a clear message to all people. The message they want to share with everyone is that we are all born with an innate capability to heal and it needs to be re awakened. Our bodies are natural healers, and the very best at providing what we need for ultimate health and wellness. Chiropractic doctors use their knowledge and skills to treat our entire being. The vertebral subluxation complex interferes with our bodies’ natural harmony and limits its ability to heal. Unfortunately this is a common problem for many people and not very many people realize they have subluxations. Correcting the subluxations in the spinal column allows the body to function at its best capacity. Any person who has unknown problems such as severe digestive issues, headaches, chronic fatigue, and pain in their bodies may have subluxations.

        Seeking treatment from a chiropractor is a good first step towards better health because the chiropractor will identify any existing subluxations and may be able to correct them. They want each of their patients to be able to heal and res awaken their full potential. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Mesa AZ consider contacting us for a free consultation and examination.

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