You are a hero to our family. We were almost without hope when we met you. Jason had endured constant mind melting pain for several years as we sought for a cure through conventional doctors, medicine, and treatments. When the last conventional doctor suggested that the only treatment available for Jason was the TSCT, we were horrified. He was going to be left crippled and prevented from activities that made life worth living. The operation was outrageously expensive and dangerous. It was out lowest moment and I was worried that we would lose Jason to profound despair and depression because none of the conventional doctors seemed to know what to do to safely end his pain.

Someone told me about you and although your treatments seemed unconventional to me, Jason was hopeful. Although his pain was horrific when we first met you, within six months, he was pain free and had learned how to prevent further damage and how to reverse future damage. Because of you, he was able to start rebuilding his life. He is now project manager for the family business. And although his position includes physical stress, he is still pain free.

Anytime we think of what we have been through and how you saved us, tears come to our eyes because we would have nothing of what we have now for Jason if it were not for you. You do not have to do anything more to continue to be a hero in our memories and our thoughts. And even if you succeed at nothing else for our family, you are forever our hero for what you did for Jason.

Thank you.

Mesa Chiropractors
Andrea Feliz and Jason Feliz

Chiropractic care has not only improved my back but also my LIFE. I’m now able to walk without pain and sleep better. Getting a quick adjustment is so much better than taking an aspirin and it works. Since coming to Dobson Bay Chiropractic I’ve had a decrease in headaches and rarely even have had a sinus infection. Dr. Cameron has taught me quite a bit about my body and I now understand that taking care of your spine is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself.

To anyone that is curious about chiropractic care I would tell them don’t delay, visit Dobson Bay Chiropractic and get evaluated so that you can do the things that you love to do for many years to come. The staff at Dobson Bay is great. They are friendly, honest, helpful and kind. I really enjoy the family environment, flexibility in scheduling and constant education.

Thank you!

Mesa Chiropractors
Kristina Landsiedel

Dr. Cameron Sembulak and staff helped and treated me in my painful time of need. With no frills and direct patient education, Cameron laid it all out for me. I was able to comprehend his recommended treatment plan and Monica did an awesome job of treatment plan/financial presentation.

My troubles began in July '13. I pinched a nerve in my lower back area and never experienced pain like this before in my life. I was barely able to perform simple everyday movements and was unable to work the day it happened. My boss, Dr. Kelly Cook DDS of Chandler, AZ, sent me to Cameron when I arrived at work and could not handle the pain I was in. I was seen that morning and an xray was taken. My condition required a few visits a week for a month. Within a few days I was able to get around gingerly and work at my usual, fast and efficient pace.

I really appreciate Cameron's genuine approach, cold/hard facts and sense of humor. He has the gift of putting patients at ease and provides them the reassurance that the existing condition(s) can be remedied and pain(s) eliminated with his care and treatment. As a health care professional, I recognize talents of other professionals and Cameron and Monica "get it". They are on their game over at Dobson Bay Chiropractic. Go see 'em.

Mesa Chiropractors
Joe L. Phoenix, AZ

For years I have experienced neck & shoulder pain, due to my profession in the dental field. I had been to other chiropractors, but NEVER did I have a chiropractor like Dr. Cameron. He is the only one who has ever taken the time to EXPLAIN to me my diagnosis. He actually showed me my xrays, and discussed what he saw, and how he was going to fix it. No other chiropractor ever really did that. Their plan always seemed to be a quick fix as opposed to corrective care like I've been getting at Dobson Bay. Dr. Cameron even called me to see if I had any questions. His staff have always been so nice & helpful. Monica(front office) even helped me with my financial part. She gave me options I didn't even know existed like Care Credit. My neck & shoulder have never been better. I don't wake up with pain anymore. I owe it all to the care I recieve by Dr. C and his fantastic staff!

Mesa Chiropractors
Shannon S. Mesa, AZ

I just came back from my second visit with Dr. Cameron at Dobson Bay Chiropractic in Mesa. I was so impressed by the friendly hospitality of all the staff and the doctor. I felt comfortable and at home right away. The assistants are really knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Cameron was very pleasant and showed real concern for my well being. He spent as much time as I needed to help me understand what was happening to my body and why. Best of all they really make it affordable because my insurance coverage is terrible. I would highly recommend this office!!!

Mesa Chiropractors
James K. Mesa, AZ

I was just in a car collision, so glad I had a relationship here already, he knows me and knows a lot about this type of incident and our bodies...I had a headache, went to Dr C and headache no more! Thanks again Doc! And his office staff is so great to and accomodating people with these busy lives! I know he cares about me and my experience is it's not about the money.

Mesa Chiropractors
Kathy S.

Dr. Cameron is the best chiropractic doctor I've been too! I play professional golf, and found my lower back hurting a lot. He took a look at it and found the problem in my lower back and explained everything to me. He's not like most doctors, he looks long term rather then short term in your recovery, and is always wanting to see his patients get a full recovery. Since I've been going I can see that it was a great decision to go to Dr. Cameron Sembaluk. Haven't felt my back hurting as much, and I can still play golf and lift heavy everyday. I would highly recommend Dr. Cameron to everyone including athletes.

Mesa Chiropractors
Jordan O. Alamo, CA

My neck feels wonderful thanks to Dr. Cam. He explained chiropractic care in a way that I could totally understand. Him and his staff are very welcoming. They made me feel like I was their ONLY patient. I would strongly recommend Dobson Bay Chiropractic to anyone.

Mesa Chiropractors
Megan E. Chandler, AZ